Based out of Hillsboro Oregon but will glady travel to where you love resides. I focus on the unplanned, candid, wild moments that are authentic and tell your beautiful and unique story.


When I was first starting photography, I felt like there as a lot of pressure from the industry for me to pick just one category of photography to "specialize" in. I found this to be extremely difficult. My learning style is to jump ALL in and see what happens so saying "no" to a whole category of photography was just not an option for me. Because of this, I specialize in weddings, engagements, couples, portraits, families, newborns, infants, hospital sessions and even births! My ultimate goal is to photograph a full life cycle. It would be so special to me to document all of a person's big life moments.

Part of the reason that I love my job is the connections I get to make with all my clients. I love when someone tells me "You are so good at your job!" and they haven't even seen a single photograph! To me, connection with your clients and bringing out their true selves is what it is all about. Almost anyone can take a "pretty" photo. I want my images to make you FEEL something. That way when you look back on the photos in the years to come, you will be taken to that exact moment and place in your life. My sessions are candid, fun, spontaneous, and uniquely you.





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Feature 1

I'm finally getting around to blogging this amazing elopement. Better late than never right?! It was a rare sunny day in February (In OREGON and on the beach!) when Derek and Kristin said, "I do."


Feature 2

Welcome to the cutest blog post! <3 This is little Owen and it has been just an absolute pleasure to capture his first year of life. Those big brown eyes and long eye lashes of his just melt me EVERY TIME.

Feature 3

These two on the blog today are a future bride and groom for next summer! (Fun fact I went to high school with Sarah and her dad was one of my teachers/he shot my sisters wedding video!)                                                                       


I'm very blessed to say that most of my clients become my friends. I don't just show up, take some photos, and leave immediately after. I love to talk to my clients and get to know what makes them tick. This helps when getting those natural smiles and laughs on camera later. So tell me a little about yourself! I promise you can't be as nerdy as me.

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